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How to Save Money & Live a Little at the Same Time

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Learning how to save money and live a little at the same time is a challenge for all but the people who are above the median income. This means that a lot of people have found ways to do this. We can draw on their experiences.

Use Coupons

There are many people who clip coupons and pay very little for their groceries. Coupons are everywhere; they are available online, in the newspapers, in various advertising booklets delivered to your mailbox, and in the grocery stores. Look for auto maintenance coupons.

You can also look for restaurants that have coupons available or early bird specials. This is a nice way to go out for dinner without breaking the bank.

Shop Second Hand Stores

Shop for casual clothing and children’s clothing at the second hand stores where nice clothing can be purchased for a fraction of the original costs. Many people pass this opportunity up, but the economy is beginning to demand that families take advantage of such alternatives.

Second hand furniture stores are inexpensive and they carry a nice variety of good quality furniture as well – I’d consider trying them out!

Find Reasonable Insurance

Shop for car and home insurance by carefully reviewing the policies offered online. Life insurance is as inexpensive as it has ever been if you shop the right online companies.

Don’t Buy Brand Name

Look for vitamins and other over-the-counter medications that carry the store brand name rather than the manufacturer’s name. These offer a big savings.

Find Cheap Vacations

Vacations can be fun if you rent a pop-up camping trailer and head to the wilds for a week. This is an inexpensive get-away and very relaxing. The kids will enjoy a different outdoor experience. If the budget allows, then rent a cottage on or near a lake.

If you have a little more money search the internet for a really cheap airfare to anywhere. The family will enjoy getting away to a place they have never been to. The $35 fares will take you to some nice places and once you are there look at the hotel board in the airport for a place to stay that has a pool and free breakfast.

The old adage remains true: Pay yourself first. Have savings money taken from your paycheck and put away. Live on the rest. It works.

Bio: Dave writes for CashWire.com, a leading provider of fast payday loans, enjoys writing about finance and how they can earn financial freedom.

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  • Tiffiny says:

    im only 15 however i wanna start understanding the fundamentals of recording and recording gear. I play guitar so i wish to record a number of my tunes but i wish to obtain a job/career within the recording business. i really like music and that i do not have lots of money to buy a myriad of new gear. I’ve got a copy of audacity and that i regular computer mic. thats the extent of my recording equipment. anyway… where must i start??? websites could be great thanks

    February 16, 2013 at 11:54 am
  • Jarvis says:

    I am saving to purchase a pleasant guitar amplifier, and that i LOVE the seem of my buddies Marshal half stack. I haven’t got enough money to purchase a halfstack. I really like playing in my chapel, and playing classic rock, and that i want this amplifier to become noisy enough to do on stages if at all possible. Also, my buddies are saying I ought to obtain a tube amplifier. I am searching at amplifiers as much as 500$ at this time. Which specific amplifier models must i take a look at.

    Will an amplifier mind really have that noisy? I believed individuals were quiet and merely seemed good, but that they are intended to be increased with a cab.

    March 27, 2013 at 6:31 pm
  • Brian says:

    A contemporary 17 inch wide monitor laptop from Dell, a 12 Years old RCA Tv, a twenty-five year old ceiling fan, a mostly new ultra compact stereo system, a 7-8 years old WindMachine floor fan, a 60 watt portable swamp cooler, a 4 year old The new sony clock radio, a 120 month old Radio Shack large illuminated clock, a more recent Emerson clock radio, three (incandesent) 100 watt light, eight (incandesent) 25 watt lights, two (incandesent) 200 watt lights, four (incandesent) 60 watt light chandelier (with ceiling plug-set for vacume cleaner) two 75 watt lights, one 40 watt light, two 100 watt porch lights (lights unlisted as incandesent are modern economical ones)),……The main reason I request this lengthy question. My home is a home with 1915 WWI era wiring. The suggestions above tell you two 30 Amplifier Fuses (that ought to most likely be utilising 20 Amplifier fuses), that carry the whole Living & Dining Rooms, in addition to two sleeping rooms. Both of these fuses are installed on a thick marble slab with yes, asbestos behind it (they are able to obtain a little warm sometimes, particularly with the ceiling fan running)……I understand all of this sounds rather sceary, but is really a necesary reality, as we do not have the cash to rewire presently. I do not must much on previously for apparent reasons.

    August 20, 2013 at 2:04 am
  • vanvark83 says:

    I presently possess a Line 6 Spider IV 150 watt half stack (it’s solid condition), together with an easy FBV pedal. I am inside a band that plays lots of shows, and so i take some suggestions about what related to my money. Must I get upgrades in my current rig (for example another cabinet and a far greater FBV pedal), or must i conserve my money and obtain a tube amplifier? And when so, what model?

    October 12, 2013 at 4:03 am
  • Alex says:

    I must reduce the quantity of meat I consume. I must become things i call, a “default vegetarian”. Whereas many people, automatically, use meat because the primary a part of their diet program (as with, snacks are certainly going to be meat based and dinners are often centred around a meat), I must begin using non-meat items as my default. I am uninterested in really restricting my diet, I’d just rather it’s a situation of “Oh, I fancy some chicken today” instead of, “Oh, I do not fancy some chicken today”, for instance. Basically fancy a cheeseburger, I’ll consume a cheeseburger, but vegetarian/vegan will be the default option.

    I do for several reasons:

    . I don’t think humans are meant to consume as much meat once we do.

    . Reducing (not always getting rid of) meat can increase health.

    . I disagree with the way you farm creatures.

    . I disagree with treating creatures employed for dairy & meat items.

    . I had been shocked through the statistic that the great majority from the food we grow, feeds the creatures we eat, that will feed much less people compared to food we increased to give the creatures might have given. (Read that the couple of occasions, it will seem sensible).

    . Reducing meat consumption, reduces carbon footprint.

    I am sure there have been more reasons, however i can’t think about them at this time.

    Anyway, about this conquest, I’ve experienced an issue. I am a student, residing in Cambridge, United kingdom (Which is incorporated in the best three most costly places to love within the United kingdom). Which means that cash is very tight. Although, I have read a great deal about how exactly vegetarianism & veganism can help to eliminate the food bill, I’ve discovered this to become not the situation. With growing understanding of the advantages of vegetarianism/veganism, I believe food companies have began to capitalise about this, understanding that the marketplace is placed to carry on growing quickly.

    My real question is, after i can purchase a chicken curry ready meal at Tesco for £1, however i can’t purchase a punnet of shitty quality cherry tomato plants for under £1.50, how’s the dietary plan change ever likely to be viable? You will find very, very couple of £1 vegetarian ready foods and as being a student with hardly any money, my finances are to invest £1 per meal four days per week, and £3 for that remaining 72 hours Basically avoid other things that needs funding for that relaxation each week. Things are made SUPER difficult because I am really great with worthwhile and that i just bought 48 top quality chicken breasts for less than £1 each – and I’ll have the ability to do that over and over and again.

    Does anybody have recommendations for me? Anything. Anything whatsoever.

    Thanks 🙂

    Also, I have made myself seem really unhealthy here, I am not really. I much prefer fruit and veggies, nuts etc over ready foods anyway, but from time to time they are simply not as convenient. I additionally enjoy cooking, to ensure that is not an issue either – I regularly batch make food and freeze it.

    Appreciate everybody contributions so far 🙂 But, I would love to stress which i do not eat ready foods THAT frequently whatsoever, and that i don’t enjoy them after i do. It’s my job to prepare on your own and that i frequently prepare and purchase in large quantities.

    June 21, 2014 at 8:48 pm

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