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There’s good news and bad news for those entering the labor market this year. The good news is that there is an increase in the average starting pay for almost all the disciplines. This is based on statistics that was shown by the National Association of College and Employers or NACE.  Based on the statistics the average starting pay has gone up for this year. This infographic was brought to you by Open Colleges.

The average starting salary is now at $45,000. This is 5.3% higher than the average starting salary for 2012. The increase is not uniform among the various disciplines. There are some fields that experienced a huge jump, while there are those that barely moved. Here is a list of the various disciplines and the average starting pay for this year and for 2012 on those fields:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences :   2012 Average Starting Salary- $36,371, Present Average Starting Salary- $37,058
  • Math and Sciences:  2012 Average Starting Salary-  $41,430, Present Average Starting Salary-  $42,724
  • Communications :   2012 Average Starting Salary- $41,550, Present Average Starting Salary-  $443,145
  • Engineering :   2012 Average Starting Salary-  $60,151, Present Average Starting Salary- $62,535
  • Computer Science :   2012 Average Starting Salary-  $57,529, Present Average Starting Salary- $59,977
  • Education :   2012 Average Starting Salary-  $38,524, Present Starting Salary-  $40,480
  • Business :    2012 Average Starting Salary- $50,633, Present Average Starting Salary-  $54,234
  • Health Sciences :  2012 Average Starting Salary-  $45,442, Present Average Starting Salary-  $49,713

This is a good indication for those in colleges today since it gives some assurance that the chances are good that they can land a high paying job. But that’s where the bad news comes in. The bad news is that while the average starting salary is increasing in various industries, the unemployment rate for college graduates is also on the rise.

Statistics that appeared on the Digest of Education of the NCES shows that the unemployment rate for BA holders is now at 7.5% and when you compare that with the unemployment rate from other periods, that’s noticeably higher.  More than twenty years ago, the unemployment rate for college grads was just at 3.14%. That figure rose to 4.96% back in 2000 and then went down a bit to 4.51% in 2008.

Another bad news for many college students and BA holders is the fact that the percentage of college grads getting jobs after one year they graduate is also dropping. Here are some figures for your comparison:

  • 1990-73.76% BA Holders Employed After 1 Year of Graduation
  • 2000- 76.53% BA Holders Employed After 1 Year of Graduation
  • 2008 -65.02% BA Holders Employed After 1 Year of Graduation
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    What’s the average beginning salary for college students who graduate with levels in Accounting/Finance and go onto work within the Large 4 accounting firms?

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